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Exercise after covid: Moving Forward

I have clients coming back after being off during the pandemic. I published an article on this a little while ago. I thought it best to cover the subject again as I’ve noticed more people coming back.

You may have reservations about getting active again, so let’s talk about it.

Fitness Level If you haven’t been physically active over the pandemic, then I would treat you as a beginner. The objective with any beginner is to assess your fitness level. You’re not going to be where you were. I would assess where you’re at currently, which I refer to as a base. We start from that base and gradually work our way up. This base is different for everybody. I always design a program based on the needs of the individual.

Mental Health Concerns A lot of my returning clients are mentally stressed, which in turn affects physical wellness. Anxiety and depression, on top of physical ailments, affect your exercise routine. Exercise is recommended to help improve feelings of depression and anxiety. Like medicine, it needs to be prescribed properly.

Physical health concerns Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with a health issue, this ranges from person to person. Depending on your physical health, an appropriate exercise routine can help. We have experience with a range of physical ailments such as heart conditions, diabetes and arthritis.

Personal Training Most people coming back are lost as to where to begin. This is where I come in. All the factors listed above must be taken into account before you begin. I always encourage common sense. We must start with where you are at and work up from there. With a bit of direction, my clients have transitioned successfully.

I look forward to seeing you back in the gym!

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