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The weather forecast seems to say the rains of April will continue a little longer, but, boy, have things grown. Some people have already cut their lawns for the second time and given a decent day, I will do the same this week. It is surprisingly long, especially around those areas where I left garden debris to rest while I finished that chore.

A short note from poet Gertrude Jekyll: “The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” I see that there will be an Uxbridge Fall Fair this year but under different conditions than usual. One of the differences at this point is that the Horticultural section will be virtual. I am not sure how judges do their job like that, but I know that Lindsay did have a number of things virtually last year, including their poultry contests, so we will see how it goes with other facets of the show like livestock etc.

Bent on providing some excitement among store owners and perhaps others, the Roxy Theatre has started a Sign War and challenged other stores in town to beat them. I have no idea who the judges will be, but already many stores have indicated they will take part.

Bob Kirvan is still looking for members for the Horse Shoe Pitching competitions that will begin this month. The entrance fee is the same as becoming a member of the Uxbridge Scott Historical Society, so you win twice when you join. He is particularly inviting more women to participate in this fun outdoor activity at the horseshoe pits at the Museum grounds. The start date may depend on COVID, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, there is still plenty of time to get in on the Zephyr Community Garage/driveway sale on June 19th. Contact June Archibald at: Hopefully, there will be no more restrictive measures than we have now, and it too will be outside.

This is news from last week with additions for this week, which puts us almost in mid-May!

The only anniversary I know about last week is the 23rd one for Pastor Gord Shreeve and his lovely wife, Karen. Both of these good people are actively involved in the Zephyr community, where he pastors at the Mission church and the wider community. Karen volunteers at Scott Central, and Gord sits on the Friends of Foster group and others.

Happy birthdays go out to our long service former mayor Gerri Lynn O’Connor. She is not quite so busy these days, but she hasn’t given up her community work completely while spending more time with her granddaughter and family.

Jay Thibert lives in Port Perry but belongs to the North Durham Nature Group. Jay and Bev were on the trip I took to Cuba a couple of years ago. Jay is a wonderful photographer lugging around a huge lens but getting excellent wildlife photos. They enjoy taking long-distance hiking trips to places most would not think of going.

Happy birthday to Kirk Meek, the youngest of his family, maybe a bit spoiled by his big sisters (haha) but still a great kid! My friend and sorority sister Marion Barnett enjoyed her birthday. They sat down to a beautiful cake baked especially for her by granddaughter Carleigh Higgins, a whiz of a cook. Also, happy birthday to our youngest celebrant this week, Violet Clark, the youngest of Marcie and Brad’s four enterprising girls!

This month is tagged as Asian Heritage Month. We know that the pandemic has brought out a lot more racial discrimination. Our Asian friends have been targeted a lot. Did you know there are 48 or 49 countries classified as Asia, and when you look at the names, you will see that a majority of them are experiencing some sort of conflict, and most are fighting COVID with very limited resources?

It is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Indian Ocean and on the north by the Arctic Ocean. Asia is the biggest continent in the world. Asia is subdivided into 49 countries. Five of them (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey are Transcontinental countries lying partly in Europe. Some of them so small you probably have never heard of them. Others like India and China are in the news constantly.

This Sunday was Mother’s Day, Christian Family Sunday and Rural Life Sunday, which just about covers the whole gamut of life in our communities. Birthday wishes go out to Christine Wilson, daughters of Clarence and Helen. Laura Ireland, from Zephyr, 22 and finished her studies at Guelph.

Best wishes also go to a great singer and athlete, Jennifer Neveu Campsall. Bruce Smith also celebrated a birthday and still has no idea of retiring after more than 50 years with Green Tractors/John Deere in Utica. Mike Kelland is retired from his long service at Williamson’s Motors.

Congratulations to the Risebrough Family as they capture another Heart of the Herd Award for Maplebrough Farm.

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