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Sandford & Zephyr news

by Pat Asling

Another Mother’s Day passed! For some it was a fun day of celebrating the virtues of their mother but for others a sad time, especially if mother has passed away recently. If she is still alive by your side hopefully you told her what she means to you and your family! There were a lot of birthdays to celebrate as well this week.

We start off with Wayne Gunn who, although he no longer lives in town, will be remembered for his computer savvy and his hot dog sales outside of Canadian Tire. Plus his son Matt has made a name for himself in the music scene around town and elsewhere.

Greetings also to Trevor Cox, who definitely has made a name for himself in the local hockey scene as well as on radio! In the off season Trev keeps busy working the fields of his farm as well as a few acres belonging to the Historical Leaskdale Church which will be a large parking lot is a couple of years. Trev was born and raised on the family farm on the 6th and is one of those kids I saw as a small child!

Bruce Smith was also just an early teen when I first met him, living with his parents on the family farm on the 4th. He still farms there but also works full time at John Deere(now called Green Tractors) at Utica for about 55 years I reckon. He and wife Tanis have been taking some interesting trips lately. Sunday morning his sons Bryan and Les, with families, treated them to breakfast.

A big congratulations goes out to Bill Richardson. The Richardsons’ have lived in town for a few years now but are always present when needed at our church and. Bill has a wonderful talent for carving and we have several articles of his making. Something I have not yet seen is the Alpenhorn, some 6’long he carved, and plays. He says he is not an engineer but he sure knows how to fix things!

Birthday wishes to Ellen Ballinger, the eldest of the three sisters and one brother who grew up near Sandford.

Happy birthday also to Heather Moore, wife of Mike and mother of 2 active boys, helping to run the farm as well as volunteering for community affairs! Her parents Jim and Norma Ferguson(Smith) are quite involved in tractor pulls and Heather often assists. Best wishes always to long time friend Anne Barrett. Anne is a great creator of drawings and has a wry sense of humour, maybe from her days as “dog catcher”?

Greetings also to Lorraine Morrison Jennings, one of the several offspring of Hugh and Ruth Morrison! Best wishes to Christine Acton who retired from her occupations as dental hygienist several years ago and seems to be enjoying life quite nicely, especially with her grandchild!

And finally Erwin Hinzel! I met Erwin when he and wife Cheryl traveled to the Yukon with me when we toured with Conrad and Lisa Boyce. Erwin recently spent some time in Mexico, as he seems to do each year! And a special anniversary wish of a different kind goes out to Vince and Augusta Winder. I am sure many of you would have been a patient of Vince’s in his chiropractic clinic a few years ago. He graduated 65 years ago and immediately proposed to Augusta. They have spent most of their married life in Uxbridge. My first association with Vince was when I was in Gr.11 and tore a cartilage, broad jumping, back in about 1956 or so.

At the Comm. Care lunch last Tuesday I was given some sad news, from Norm Goodspeed, that he was moving into Sunnybrook Veterans Centre. Norm is 98 but get as around well and has a very good memory but said he felt it was time for a change. There is a party in his honour at the Legion on May 16, at 3PM. We wish him all the best in his new home. Another special celebration is happening on June 2, 2-4 PM, in Newmarket, for Jean Harrison who will be 100 years young. Jean has always been a staunch supporter of the Zephyr congregation and we wish her many more good years. Remember also the “Gardens of Uxbrdige” tour by the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society to be held June 15. Tickets are $25 for the garden tour alone but if you wish to enjoy a talk, by Rick Gray speaking on Native Plants, along with a snack, the cost is $50. Details on the website! The Uxbridge Horticultural Group met this past Wednesday. There was a goodly crowd and it seemed that many were newcomers. The guest speaker, Julia Dimakos, referred to as “The Gardening Girl”, talked about Tea Gardening for Beginners. This was actually about growing plants- flowers, herbs, grasses etc from which teas can be made. She made a sample to be shared and also had a number of various seeds to grown the plants she talked about. The June talk will be about “Transitioning Container Plants in summer”.

The Uxbridge Genealogy Group will meet, in person at the Library, and via Zoom, on Thursday May 16. The topic of discussion is a perennial one of brick walls. Members send in their problems and the rest of the group suggests ways that the solution to the next generation etc, might be found. The meeting begins at 7PM. The Uxbridge Seniors will meet at the Seniors Centre on Tuesday May 21. This is always a great meal, even more so since you don’t have to cook and Mary Evans and her crew are all great people! On May 28 the North Durham Nature Group will meet in the Scugog Library. To start there should be a lively discussion because so many of the migrants birds are returning such a phoebes, orioles, rose-breasted grosbeaks, indigo buntings etc. Just a wonderful array of colour! Speaker for the evening is Jay Thibert. Jay and his wife Bev, both teachers, have made many trips to various places that tested them physically and mentally but they only enjoy them more. Jay will talk about their hike on the Bruce Trail, probably one of the least testing and most accessible trails they have done. Still, for most people it would be a challenge! At the Foster this Friday evening is Justin Dillon with his hand pan, creating melodic and syncopating patterns. On Sat., June 22, Conrad Boyce has organized a special concert for 2 PM and 7PM. More info later! At church this Sunday, Carol O’Neil led our worship for the last time in the foreseeable future. We have come to think of her and Mark as part of our congregation as it has been 5 years since she started leading worships for us. Next Week Darlene Hallett will again be with us and the following week Rev. Dr Bill Fritz to finish the month of May.

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