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Finally, we received some significant rain fall. It was not as much as we needed, but it was better than we had before, probably because I, and several others it seems, spent several days ahead of that, watering. The ground was softened up to accept the rain anyway, instead of it all running off. Even Saturday’s rain was good although it didn’t last long, and not everyone got it. We are especially grateful that we didn’t get a tornado, although we were all placed under a watch. It probably dampened some of the events taking place, but not for long. There is not a lot going on event-wise this week. Carol Johnson and Joyce Phillips took a ride with the senior’s bus, from Claremont to Port Hope, to lunch and attend the theatre. They saw “Million Dollar Quartet,” and found it thoroughly enjoyable. That’s good to hear, because our sorority will also be going to the showing this coming week. Marilyn Dobie is recovering from an operation, but is taking it with her usual good humour and calm manner. She is an amazing lady. Another one recovering, from a more serious operation, is Bob Kirvan, who had both knees caps replaced last week. I expect he will have a much longer recuperation period. Congratulations to Brad and Bethany Dick as they celebrated their 4th anniversary. They have a lively little guy to keep them busy, and he also keeps grandparents Bruce and Shelley Dick busy too. Congratulations go out to Mike and Susan Risebrough, who do an amazing job shepherding their girls through all the events of life. David and Anne Phillips also celebrated their 50th anniversary this past week. Best wishes and continued happiness for them all in the coming years and months. Friday at the Foster was an exceptional evening with a very large crowd in attendance for a local musician, surpassing the last numbers. Chris Saunders is well know all around the area, and plays at many venues over the year. His two lady companions are wonderful vocalists, as well as instrumental accompanists. Chris himself is an amazing guitar player, and demonstrated that on several different instruments. The most pleasant surprise of the night was when he called a lady and her friend from the audience, who then happened to be Leslie Barr Joosten, and her partner Campbell. Leslie is remembered for her haunting flute playing, and it was wonderful to hear her again. They have been back in Canada since December, after living in the Netherlands for six years. Let’s hope it’s not that long again until the next time we hear this great team. Next week the featured artists will be the Shimodo Family, and their fantastic collection of flutes, ranging in size from a couple of inches long, to about 7 feet long. Along the way they share a lot of information about the origins of the individual instruments, and the songs they play on them. Please join us at 7 p.m. at the unique Foster Memorial. Last Sunday Nic, our intern, hosted a group of 18 people for a tour. Tours of the Foster Memorial, for groups, can be arranged by making appointments. Individuals or small groups can come in to the Foster from 11 a.m to 4 p.m., and Nic will give you a tour. The cost is $5 per person. Last Sunday I had a busy day. First, I travelled to Bradford to visit our former Minister Reverend Eiko Hosaka. I got lost, of course, and was late, but when I arrived I found three Sandford ladies ahead of me. Carol Johnson, Adele Boy and Lorraine Ottolini also had the same idea. Last week, Al and Jean Sopel and Norma Scott were there to hear Minister Eiko speak once more as well. Shortly after arriving back home I went off to the “Art in the Park”. I am sure there were many more exhibitors this year than there have been. It was a fabulous show of immense talents, and each year there are pieces on display that were not seen in previous years. The ingenuity of these folks is amazing. Apparently the rain on Saturday did not affect them too much, and the crowd was large after the rain passed. It was a large turnout again today, (Sunday) so I hope the Lion’s renewed their coffers. Following that, I was off to Greenbank for the Decoration Service. Greenbank is where my grandparents settled around the year 1825. Many of them, and the second generation, are buried there. Doug Ferris lead in worship, with Valerie Hunter at the keyboard, and guest musician Erika Phillips. Doug is a ministry candidate and has been speaking at a number of area churches, including Greenbank and Epsom. Finally, to top off the day, my friend Gloria Gorman accompanied me to Glen Major church where the musical trio, ‘Reflection’, conducted a service and sang some wonderful hymns, as well as engaging in a skit and leading a hymn sing. It was good to see Jim Wagg back and playing after his medical difficulties. Next week Graham Wilson will lead the service, which will be the final one of the summer. Our own services will not resume again until September 8th, at Zephyr, when Darlene Hallett will lead the worship, with Ruth Baker at the piano. The following Sunday, September 15th, we are back to Sandford for a baptism and communion, with services continuing there for the rest of the month. You are welcome to join with us then.

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