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Winter Weather Fun

How do we keep active during the winter months? It’s certainly a tough time of year to keep motivated, but every little bit helps. I work with a client in the comfort of her own home and the ideas I’ve shared with her, are helping her to keep moving. Whether you are a gym goer or working out at home, there are ways to safely keep active during the winter.

Here are some ideas:

1) Go For A Walk: Safety first! Winter is certainly a time where accidents happen. I would recommend exerting caution when venturing out this winter. Get a good pair of boots and a winter jacket to keep warm. If the weather is not condusive to walking, then I would recommend an alternative.

2) Cross Country Skiing: A very popular choice amoungst my older clients. Breaking out the cross country skis is a great way to get out in nature. It’s great cardiovascular exercise!

3) Snowshoeing: This is an adventure I’m looking forward to trying. For those of you looking to add some variety to outdoor winter activities, this looks like fun to try!

4) Plowing the Driveway: For those of you who aren’t keen on winter sports, then shovelling the driveway certainly counts as exercise! It’s great for overall strength. Just exert caution and only lift what you can handle.

5) Ice Skating: For those of us blessed enough to live on the lake, many will be enjoying skating this winter. If you’re not experienced then I would suggest taking it slow.

It’s really up to you what activity suits your level of fitness. If you’re a beginner then take it slow. The objective is to get moving and enjoy the winter weather!

Be healthy and be safe this Holiday Season.

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