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Uxbridge Township facilities now totally smoke-free

UXBRIDGE: Recently, the Township of Uxbridge’s parks, trails, parking  lots, recreation centre, sports fields, and arena properties have officially become smoke and vape-free. A new Region of Durham Smoke-Free By-Law, which prohibits all forms of  smoking and vaping on public property was passed and came into effect  on June 24th. Individuals can no longer smoke or vape any substance on any portion of the property or grounds of any municipal property including property without buildings on it. In addition, the By-law prevents all smoking or  vaping in or within a 20-metre radius surrounding any public park. Smoking tobacco in Township of Uxbridge public parks was previously prohibited by a Township By-law, but the By-law did not address vaping or the use of cannabis. The new rules are intended to protect people from second-hand smoke from tobacco, cannabis and vaporizers. They are also aimed at cutting down on litter, improving fire safety and supporting those who have or are trying to quit smoking. Tobacco Enforcement Officers from the Region of Durham Health Department will be taking a progressive enforcement approach to the implementation of the new By-law.

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