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New North Durham Chamber of Commerce launched

DAN CEARNS The Standard

NORTH DURHAM: Three local Chambers of Commerce are coming together to form a new entity, the North Durham Chamber of Commerce.

The change was announced, on Thursday, April 25th, in a press release. The North Durham Chamber of Commerce will encompass the Scugog Chamber of Commerce, Uxbridge Chamber of Commerce and Brock Board of Trade.

“This marks a pivotal moment, as we embrace a regional approach to economic development, recognizing the inherent strengths of our area and the boundless opportunities which lie ahead,” the press release stated.

The release also explained the thought process behind this decision.

“The North Durham Chamber of Commerce embodies the belief, we are stronger together than when we are apart. By bringing business, professionals, and community leaders together, from Brock, Uxbridge, and Scugog Townships, we create a powerful force for positive economic change. This, natural evolution of the chamber, provides a regional perspective while encouraging each municipality to continue developing unique events which nurture their local strengths. Together, we can address common challenges, seize shared opportunities, and build a thriving business ecosystem which benefits us all.”

In a statement, Karey Anne Large, Executive Director of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce, reacted to this announcement.

“Today marks an exciting chapter in our journey, as the Scugog Chamber of Commerce expands its reach to our neighbouring township of Uxbridge, proudly becoming the North Durham Chamber of Commerce. Through collaboration with the Brock Board of Trade, we’re forging stronger connections, empowering businesses, and creating new opportunities across our vibrant communities. Together, we’ll continue to thrive, innovate, and champion the economic growth of North Durham. We look forward to having businesses join the North Durham Chamber of Commerce.”

Uxbridge Mayor, Dave Barton stated, this change “symbolizes our [and] North Durham’s dedication to cooperation and advancement.”

“This unification of our townships strengthens our shared voice, improves services, and fosters an innovative economic environment which enriches both our citizens and businesses,” he added.

The release states, this new chamber will offer members “access to the Chambers Plan, Canada’s premier employee benefits plan for small businesses,” as well as “a wide spectrum of resources and initiatives, including: networking events, educational programs, advocacy campaigns, and a wealth of accessible resources.”

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