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The function of body fat

by Lauren Walker

I hear stories of women being "fat shamed." It begs the question, do you know what fat is and it's function in the female body? Criticism often comes from those who are uninformed about the subject. So let me educate you.

What is fat? Fat is made up of cells called adipocytes. whose main function is to stockpile energy reserves. These cells accumulate energy in the form of lipids which they release back in to the body as needed.

The Function of Fat: Body fat in women, typically, represents 18 to 20 percent of body weight. The reason why the female body has more fat is, women, at some point in their lives, may nourish the life of a baby, both internally and externally from their reserves.

Cellulite: When body fat (adipocytes) accumulate more energy than is consumed, they tend to grow considerably in size and fat begins to accumulate. This means, if you restrict your calories or starve yourself, your body accumulates more fat storage which raises your chance of gaining weight.

Whv we need fat: All healthy people have fat reserves necessary for proper function. Low body fat leads to serious consequences, such as cessation of a menstrual cycle. This is a temporary absence of menstruation and therefore momentary sterility.

The Message: Healthy bodies need body fat to function. Women shouldn't be criticized for something which is natural. Our bodies create and sustain life and body fat helps us do that. Fat is nothing to be ashamed of, nor should it be the subject of anyone's judgment. The focus should be health, no matter what shape a person happens to come in.

Info cited from "Women's Strength Training Anatomy" by Frederic Delavier.

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