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The Exercise and Mental Health Connection

While I am not an expert mental health professional, I am an expert fitness professional. Time and time again, I have seen the benefit of exercise on mental health.

I can speak of those I relate to, on a daily basis, who suffer the stress of everyday life. There are those looking after elderly parents, who have lost a job during covid or are homeschooling their children. Different situations can cause varying levels of anxiety and depression.

Exercise helped me find my way out of a dark time in my life. The support from those around me really made a difference.

Exercise is more than pushing weights and looking good in the mirror. It’s also about taking control of your life when everything else is out of control and learning your strength. It’s really about learning who you are and what you’re capable of.

If you’re part of an exercise group, like me, you’ll talk about anything and everything. It helps to know others are going through a similar experience and are willing to lend a hand. We talk about mental health concerns and how to deal with certain situations. We laugh and joke about life. It alleviates the problem and helps us deal with things positively.

A gym is a great place to connect with people. Many friendships have been forged walking on a treadmill. Social connection is imperative as you age. I have mentioned previously; this is all beneficial for your brain as well. It creates neural pathways when you learn something new. It comes down to the fact we really do need one another. Connecting to others makes us feel valued.

Yes! Exercise can do that.

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