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Rogers continues to work to restore services lost<br>in nationwide outage

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

DURHAM: Rogers Communications continues to work to restore service to all of their customers after a Canada-wide outage, which started on Friday, July 8th.

“Services have been restored for most customers, and we’re working hard to restore the rest as quickly as possible. We sincerely apologize for the disruption and thank you for your patience. We will be automatically crediting all customers,” read a post on the Rogers website.

For many businesses, debit machines weren’t working, and local customers experienced the loss of their phone, internet and television services.

In a statement, Rogers President and CEO Tony Staffieri explained what they believe caused this issue.

“We now believe we’ve narrowed the cause to a network system failure, following a maintenance update, in our core network, which caused some of our routers to malfunction early Friday morning. We disconnected the specific equipment and redirected traffic, which allowed our network and services to come back online over time, as we managed traffic volumes returning to normal levels,” the statement read. “We know how much our customers rely on our networks, and I sincerely apologize. We’re particularly troubled some customers could not reach emergency services, and we are addressing the issue as an urgent priority.”

The company explained the credit will be “automatically applied to [customer’s accounts], and no action is required from [them].”

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