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Port Perry Hospital Foundation seeks donations for CT scanner campaign

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

SCUGOG: The Port Perry Hospital Foundation has launched a new fundraising campaign to raise enough funds to bring a Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner to the local Scugog hospital.

The campaign is being called ‘Here for You.’ This campaign aims to raise $4 million, and it is reportedly already off to a promising start.

“In anticipation of today’s public launch, we are incredibly grateful for the $2.45 million that has already been secured through Foundation reserve funds. And the generosity of early project supporters,” Rachel Agnoluzzi, Port Perry Hospital Foundation CEO said, in a press release. “We’re over halfway there, and now we must turn to our community for their support. Port Perry Hospital is prided for providing excellent local health care. Having [a] CT [scanner] at the hospital will enhance that care.”

For the last number of years Port Perry Hospital patients, who needed a CT scan done, had to be transferred to another hospital. “I’ve been hearing about the need for a CT scanner in Port Perry since I started here at the beginning of 2018,” Ms. Agnoluzzi told The Standard. “We are really excited. It’s going to be fabulous for this community when we can bring in that CT scanner.”

According to the foundation, in 2019, “North Durham residents accounted for nearly 2,500 CT scans, at other Lakeridge Health hospital sites.”

After the fire in 2017, which temporarily closed the hospital, the hospital updated its wiring and electrical system, allowing for the installation of a CT scanner.

In a statement, Lakeridge Health CEO Cynthia Davis called a CT scanner an “important new diagnostic tool” for the local hospital. Ms. Agnoluzzi stressed this campaign would not hinder the foundation from bringing other equipment to the hospital, “The Foundation and its supporters provide significant funding to the hospital each year to purchase medical equipment not otherwise possible. It’s important that our campaign includes such equipment over the two-year campaign. We simply cannot risk other patient needs at Port Perry Hospital being compromised while fundraising for a long-awaited CT scanner.”

For more information on the campaign, including how to donate, call 905-985-7321 extension 45580 or go online to

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