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Movement for Life by Lauren Walker, All Fit/All Ages Gym

A family member recently suffered a health scare. It made me realize the importance of my own health. It can be hard to find time to look after yourself during this time. I learned it is important to carve out time to look out for your health.

Talk it out

We often carry the burden of our emotional problems alone. We don’t want to trouble anyone else. I get it. There’s nothing wrong with receiving emotional support from close friends or family. I found it helpful to talk with a close friend as she went through a similar experience. If you need a counsellor, I find them very helpful in sorting out your feelings.

Work it out

I found myself particularly weak during this emotional time. I didn’t push it, but I still made an effort to move. Having that time helped to sort out my feelings. It also helps me to be around positive people.

Breathe it out

Focusing on my breathing helped me through super stressful moments. I focused on deep breathing, whether it took me five minutes or 15. It helped me gain my composure and reduce my anxiety.

Walk it out

I find nothing calms me more than being outside in nature. Go for a walk outside and allow yourself to embrace the calm and stillness. I might even recommend taking a walk with a friend! I do my best thinking when I’m active, so this may help you as well.

If a loved one is ill, we do what we can to help. I remember to take it day by day. Making time for yourself allows you to look after others. It’s important to find what works for you.

Yours in good health

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