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Movement for Life

by Lauren Walker

As a personal trainer for over twenty years, a majority of my clientele are over sixty. I have developed a great understanding, as to how needs change, as my clients change. Different stages of life require a different approach in the gym. I encourage you to remember, it is never too late to start.

Are you too old to exercise?

Never! My clients range in age from 60 - 88. My mom provides classes at Westshore Retirement Village, twice a week. The average age in her group is 90 years.

What are the most typical needs of my clients?

What comes to mind is, the inability to get on and off the floor. The clients I work with tend to find this the most difficult. The ability to squat or getting out of a chair is a very common difficulty as well. Balance and mobility is being able to navigate going up and down the stairs. These tend to be the most typical issues I run in to.

What kind of exercise program is beneficial?

I do not prescribe any form of exercise unless I get to meet and work with a client. One exercise program does not fit all. I need to assess a clients individual ability first.

What is the goal of an exercise program?

The goal, of any exercise program, is to teach an individual how to exercise safely. I help restore functionality, so my clients can manage basic activities in their every day life. The small things start to become a little easier and that’s how I know my client is succeeding.

Exercise is all about improving your quality of life, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

All Fit All Ages Gym is located in the Port Perry Food Basics plaza. Call 289-356-2140 for your free assessment.

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