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Movement for Life

by Lauren Walker

I’m not of the thinking, an “Old dog can’t learn new tricks.” This means, at a certain stage in life, we stop developing. This can’t be.

I heard the recent story of a 99 year old man climbing the CN tower. You heard me right. Having the drive or ability to complete your goals isn’t defined by age, it’s determined by your mental fortitude. Why would a 99 year old want to climb the CN Tower? Because he can. Depending on your level of preparedness, age is not a limitation to goal setting.

People are told, as they age, to “Sit down and take it easy.” It’s the worst thing you can do. As my 88 year old client said, “I’m not ready to sit down yet. I have lots to do.” What we’re told about aging isn’t always true and not every one wants to sit and take it easy. Goal driven individuals keep working towards their next achievements. Unfortunately, some people, as they age, lose their sense of purpose or goal in life. They are cast aside and, quite frankly, forgotten about. A sense of satisfaction and purpose is imperative to aging positively. You must decide what is meaningful and work to achieve it.

Physical activity is of utmost importance to the aging process. We see it everyday with our clients. Coming to the gym isn’t just for physical wellness, part of the gym experience is to connect with other people. Energy is contagious. Being surrounded by positive and motivating people nurtures a positive mental attitude.

Age isn’t a limitation to achieving your goals, it is more your attitude. No matter what stage of life, the desire to achieve your goals will be very significant in determining your success.

All Fit All Ages Gym is located in the Food Basics plaza in Port Perry. Call 289-356-2140 to book your free assessment.

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