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Movement for Life

by Lauren Walker

Society has generalizations and stereotypes when it comes to age. It upsets me when we look at age as a bad thing. It makes me wonder what we are teaching the younger generation.

The Anti-Age Influence

I dislike the phrase “anti-age” because it sounds like it’s a war we need to fight. Commercials advertising such a message are playing on people’s insecurities. We cannot fight age, nor should we try. “It is a blessing to age because some people don’t get the chance.”

Be the Influence

While I appreciate you may have limitations, it’s important to keep doing what you enjoy, as much as you can. It’s not about having “limited time” to do it, it’s about expressing yourself in what you choose, in the days you live. The only person who can shape what their life looks like is you.

Change Your Perspective

I know people, in their 80s, who’ve climbed mountains and traveled the world. I’m not suggesting you do the same of course. What I’m suggesting is to look at your situation. Then decide, what is an important priority and how can you achieve it?

Being Active

A necessary, key element to aging well is exercise! It's never too late to start, especially with the right program, you’ll notice a big difference. Strength training helps maintain muscle mass and bone density. You can develop strength at any age. If the goal is to keep enjoying activities, then this is an absolute must.

The message

Your attitude will determine much of your success and it is the one thing you can control. Let’s remember, change starts with you. Don’t let anyone decide how you should live your life. The choice is yours to make.

Start a pro-age movement.

All Fit All Ages Gym is located in the Port Perry Food Basics plaza. Call 289-356-2140 for your free assessment.

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