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How to deal with negativity

It’s in our lives every day of the week. We see it on the news and we hear it in the work place. Not only that we have to deal with it in our own family. What am I talking about? I’m referring to negativity. Learning coping skills in order to manage takes patience and practice. Here are some practices I’ve learned: 1) Positive Self Talk: Having a positive attitude begins and ends with you. The way you choose to see the world is how you will experience it. If you tell yourself “I can’t do this” then you won’t. If you tell yourself, “I can do this” then you will succeed. 2) Let it Go: A lot of what we see and hear, we have no control over. What goes on around us is not our fault but we are affected by it. You can choose to hold on to it or choose to be happy. The only thing you can control is “YOU”. 3) Turn it Off: I found myself becoming overwhelmed and sad by what I was watching on television. I decided to disconnect my cable and I do not have a computer. Five years later I do not miss it. My home is now a quiet sanctuary where I can rest my mind and body. 4) Take care of Yourself: The biggest mistake you can make is not looking after your health. Making time to look after your body through exercise is a fantastic way to release stress. Put yourself on the top of the list and make time to do things that make you happy. Handle negativity with a positive attitude and your body and mind will benefit. I hope what I have learned serves your wellness.

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