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Movement for life

By Lauren Walker

The Common Sense Diet

Part 1

It’s a word I cannot stand….

What is it? Diet. It has such negative connotations and people take it to such extremes. I admit it drives me up the wall. Most people associate the word with deprivation and starvation. The biggest mistake you can make is putting yourself on a diet. I dare you to attempt the common sense approach.

Tune in to Yourself

Let’s get back to basics and stop all the nonsense! You need to start tuning out all the misinformation and tune in to yourself.

A few key points to consider:

1.       Are you tired all the time?

2.       Do you have joint pain?

3.       Do you have digestive issues?

4.       Do you have skin issues?

5.       Are you overweight or underweight?

6.       Are you highly stressed and anxious?

You are What you Eat

If you answered these questions honestly, what you’re eating could be impacting your life. These are common problems with clients I’ve  worked with. You need to look at your food choices and document what you’re eating and how it makes you feel. This will make you painfully aware of what you are eating and how it’s impacting you. Self awareness is the first step to meaningful change.

Small Changes

The biggest pitfall is overhauling years of bad habits all at once. Small steps are important to your success! Instead of having a can of pop, substitute it for carbonated water. Choose one thing you can do right now to help yourself. If you’ve been unhealthy and inactive, it’s not going to happen overnight.

Here comes the brutal honesty… if what you’re eating is making you feel like garbage, stop putting it in your body!

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