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Movement for Life: The Common Sense Diet Part 2

by Lauren Walker

We looked at the keys to taking a common-sense approach to lifestyle changes, which included tuning in to yourself and examining what you’re eating. Small, consistent changes are achievable for most people and will bring meaningful change over time. Now that you’re making better food choices, it’s time to take the next step.

Track your Progress

Better food choices mean you’ll experience increased energy levels. If you’ve never exercised consistently, where do you start? Once again, I encourage writing down your exercise goals and tracking your progress. This helps you stay accountable.

Less is more

A typical problem is doing way too much too quickly. As a beginner, I always suggest less is more when exercising. Make daily goals which are achievable for your level. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator. When you’re not conditioned to exercise, you must be patient! Gradually work to increase your overall daily movement.

What kind of exercise is beneficial?

It’s important to do what you enjoy and get a variety of movement. Cardiovascular exercise is important to increase the efficiency of blood and oxygen to and from the heart. Activities such as walking, bicycling or hiking are examples of cardiovascular exercise. Strength training is beneficial to develop muscular strength and bone density. The average beginner can work towards 30-45 minutes of activity three times a week. You can mix it up as much as you wish. Do what you can handle and gradually increase your time as you become conditioned to exercise.

Changing your lifestyle takes time and patience. Make achievable goals, and remember common sense is the approach!

All Fit All Ages Gym is located in the Port Perry Food Basics plaza. Call 289-356-2140 for your free assessment.

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