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Getting older is an inevitable part of life

by Tina Y. Gerber - McCurley

I believe life is always about finding balance. A new start isn't necessarily a new place but creating a new mindset. Accepting your age, by embracing your past but not living there, is important and looking towards the future not expecting the worst is a great mindset.

Having a negative view can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you have realistic expectations the transition to this season in life will be much easier. Getting older is an inevitable part of life. When I worked in Long Term Care, there were many seniors who fought aging every step of the way, and then there were those who had accepted it gracefully.

Live your best life. What does that mean as one ages?

I worry about my knees, my wrist, and not participating in life as I should. I need help with more things now, even though I am only 65. My knee surgery is around the corner. I had the blues last month, but I know, approaching this, I need a positive and constructive attitude. So, I started chair exercise, a step in the right direction.

God extends guidance to us with love and a desire for us to thrive. I believe He wants to walk with us as we follow through on His instructions.

I understand the fundamental signs of aging: wrinkles, grey hair, mobility issues, and forgetfulness. Regardless of these things, some individuals seem to enjoy the 'golden years' more than others. I believe it's about perspective, gratitude, gratefulness, and celebrating joy and well-being.

For many individuals, aging, means getting closer to death. For some, it's about losing their independence, becoming frail, or developing health-related conditions. It's important to learn about strategies and adapting to supports which will allow you to keep your independence. Exercise, a healthy diet, visiting your doctor, taking care of your mental health and learning to trust are all things within your reach. So how can we lean on God as we age, by trusting His promises. The human body was not intended to live forever; make those healthy choices, and honour God by making choices which bring you health and strength each day. Celebrate your life every day. God reminds us, in Proverbs 16:31 NIV "grey hair is a glorious crown".

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