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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

Summer holidays are over, and our students are excited about returning to school and time with classmates again. We wish all students a successful year of learning and their teachers time to enjoy their students as they learn.

We live between two beautiful towns that provide many attractions for our enjoyment. This coming weekend is Port Perry’s Fall fair, and the following weekend September 10th and 11th is Uxbridge Fall Fair. Each has shown us the amazing talent of the people who live close by, the agriculture (dairy, beef, sheep, goats, chicken etc.,) industry and the home-making excellence of our community. A wonderful place to live.

This past weekend we took the “town trolley” in Uxbridge on its route to the farmers market for a visit, then on to the Uxbridge Heritage centre to enjoy the afternoon before hopping back on the trolley and back into Uxbridge. This is a fairly new venture, but it has proved quite popular as over 400 riders took the trolley on Sunday with entertainment for young and elderly as you ride along. Thank you to the businesses who have sponsored the trolley ride.

This Saturday, September 3rd, the Durham Plowing Match will be held at the Ashton Farm, Medd Road. Signs are up, and I’m sure all those plowing with horses or tractors are eager to go. An invitation is extended to everyone to come and watch excellence in plowing.

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