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FAYE ASHTON Special to The Standard

April is fast coming to a close, giving us a real mix of snow, sleet, pellets, and rain, all intermingled with beautiful sunshine. I guess that’s April. The “Pink” full moon, on April 23rd, is dipping our temperature down to the minus again.

Think I’ll rant for a minute as Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd. It annoys me that so much recycling and garbage gets thrown onto the roadside when everyone has garbage and recycling pickup weekly or bi-weekly.

I appreciate our road is plowed of snow in Winter, but I am annoyed the plow left the wing down and lifted sod and threw the gravel and dirt onto lawns all along our road. The last snowfall was melted by the next day. What a mess to clean up.

We live in such a beautiful region it’s sad we don’t take more pride in our surroundings.

The community is invited to a “Spring Fling Brunch” in the lower room at Epsom United Church on Saturday, June 1st, at 10 a.m. Come and join with neighbours. The price will be a “free-will offering.”

Church is at Epsom United this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. with Rev. Edith Ann. Fellowship will follow the service.

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