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PAT ASLING Special to The Standard

Mid-April already and we certainly have had plenty of those April showers of poem and song. Maybe someone was doing a rain dance since there was so much rain. The April showers have brought out lots of April flowers which couldn’t wait until May! However, as mucky as it has been down the months, we may be glad we got it, as many recognized the water table was very low since we had so little snow. The crops, field or garden will no doubt approve.

A number of people celebrated this past week. Mack Moore, our up and coming barrel racer, took on the big 18, as well as doing a great job collecting for the Food Bank. Another young man said goodbye to his teen years as Liam Edwards joined the twenties.

Twins Jacqueline and Jonathan Smalley celebrated once more and continue to excel in their chosen careers, proud moments for parents Stan and Amy. Greetings also to Ian Finlay. Ian had the misfortune of injuring his hand several months ago but with his innate resolution is getting along well and looking forward to another year. Sandra Nielsen also celebrated. Sandra and Steve, kids Kirsten and Matt lived in Sandford for a number of years before moving near Ottawa and then to Alberta, alternating with BC. Congratulations also to one of our faithful worship leaders, Carol O’Neil, who will be returning to us again soon. Birthday wishes also to Barbara Blower. Barb and her husband, Stewart, lived in Uxbridge for many years, running a photographic business and being involved in many aspects of the arts. They now live in Goderich and have embedded themselves in the arts community there, as well as making sure the news of all events gets out, as there is no newspaper!

The biggest wishes go out to Gwen Lyons who is now 94! Gwen and Norm farmed in Leaskdale for more years than I know and raised their family there, participating in affairs of both the church and the community, with Norm being on Council for several terms. After his passing, their son Kevin took over the farm, and Gwen moved to town. The farm is now in other hands.

Speaking of farms, although I knew it had to happen, it is sad to see a “sold” sign on the Harwood farm. This farm on the 4th had been in the family for at least four generations, but sadly, there are now no family members wishing to carry on. A sad situation we will be seeing more of, I am afraid.

Great big anniversary greetings to Marcie and Brad Clark who have been married 17 years with four lovely daughters. It is hoped one or more of these girls, who all enjoy farming, will be taking over this family farm. Girls to the rescue for several of the local farms. Another case of girls to the rescue, Tindal Farm market and Karyn’s Kitchen is expanding as Karyn and her eldest daughter Jessie have started a catering company. The company is called Karen’s Katering, in honour of Jessie’s grandmother, the late Karen Geer Tindall. Karen was an inspiration for much of this business and grew up just a quarter mile from where I was.

The Uxbridge Swim Club is holding their annual swim–a–thon to raise funds for new and innovative training equipment. Chloe Walker of Zephyr, who will be competing in the Canadian Olympic trials in five weeks, will be swimming with them and is asking for donations. There is a web site for a donation link.

There was a meeting at the Zephyr Hall on Saturday concerning the situation with the library. I haven’t heard too much as yet but the next meeting is on the 20th, with the Council, for all those interested in the fate of Zephyr library. The “library” is not being removed from the community!

A number of people were honoured at the Uxbridge Legion 170 for their work with the Poppy Campaign and other community activities, their service and merits. Thanks for all you do and all that great music!

There are a number of musical events coming up, probably more than I know about, but Monday Morning Singers, under the direction of Anne Mizen-Baker, will perform on Friday evening, April 19th, at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $25. The following Friday, April 26th, One Voice choir performs at the same venue, same time. Tickets are $20. As announced before, Friday Nights at the Foster is scheduled to begin on Friday, May 3rd. However, there are some problems, as the debris from the accident where the gates and fence were destroyed has still not been cleared away, nor, of course, has anything been done to start the replacement process. Plans are also underway where audience members may be able to donate using the QR code or an e-transfer method. Donating to the box is still my preferred method. Django Djunkies is the first group scheduled to perform for us.

Last week, I mentioned Windreach Farm has an interesting event coming up on the 27th with sheep shearing, wool demos, newborn chicks and lambs, children’s activities, food trucks, etc. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased through On Friday night, Anne Irvine and I attended the Music Hall, where Natalie MacMaster, Donnell Leahy and their family of seven children performed an amazing mix of music and dance. It was exhausting just watching them sometimes, as everyone seemed to be constantly in motion. Fabulous music and song and such amazing talent in all those kids who could play two to three instruments as well as sing, often alone, with no sign of stage fright! This was the first of a number of events arranged to raise funds for our new hospital. The seats were sold out. MC for the show was Tom La Rue, owner of Sandford Sand and Gravel, a business just down the road from here. Thanks also to the McCloskeys, who sponsored the family.

Every year, the Churches hold a Prayer Breakfast. This year, it is on Wednesday, May 29th at Mill Run Golf Course. Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter is the guest speaker. Breakfast starts at 7 a.m., and the cost is $25. Contact Rob Croxall or Brian Evans for more details. Our Church service was at Zephyr United Church this morning with Pastor Laura Kay-Ntongwe leading. Thanks to Ruth Baker for her lovely music. Next week, Rev. Dr. Bill Fritz will be leading the service. It is also our annual meeting, perhaps the final one as a two-congregation body, so please make every effort to attend as we work through the final process of amalgamation.

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