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What a week this has been! How quickly the times change and not just for us in Durham Region but for the whole world. We are so used to getting up and going to our meetings, shopping, theatre, other public events and not even thinking about it that now, with the majority of events curtailed for 2 to 3 weeks, a minimum, perhaps, no one is quite sure what to do. Yes, many still have to go to work and many thanks to those medical people, first responders, store clerks, bank tellers, mechanics and others who will continue at the job unless they get sick. As for the craziness over hoarding supplies like toilet paper and alcohol wipes, it’s illogical! No one ever said there was a short supply of paper products or food of any kind, it just takes a bit of time to restock the various stores. You need to make sure you have an adequate supply of any prescription medication you may run out of since you don’t want to be running to the drugstore if you are already sick. Each day, almost hourly, we receive updates on cancellations, which at this point is almost everything, since Sunday or Monday at least. I fear kids will get so far behind with their classes that they won’t catch up before June and they will spend even more time watching TV and playing with their phones. I see some special programs will be on-line for them, at least for Scott Public School, and probably for others. Thursday night saw a very interesting program at the Uxbridge Genealogy Group, when chairperson Marian Bellamy spoke on finding Land records. The meeting date changed because this week was to be the school programs for the kids, which was cancelled. There was a good crowd, and much information shared. Jenn and Ray Edwards have returned from Cuba after a very enjoyable time. So far the Caribbean has not had many corona cases and there was only one in Cuba last I looked. Others who will come back from holidays at the end of this week, expecting Winter Break to be over, will get another 2 week hiatus. Many of my friends who winter in Florida are also making plans to return earlier than normal. Happy 50th anniversary to Linda and Wayne Morgan! A party had been planned at Trinity church Sunday afternoon, but it too was cancelled. Linda was the former Linda Lapp and her parents Wilbur and Laura. The family lived in Sandford area for many years and have many family connections! Wayne’s family owned the garage that sat where Coffee Time now sits idle. Just think, that was three garages/service stations on Brock street back in the day! With everything else closed, the only thing opened was Richters Herb Nursery, who has started their weekly lecture series. It was wonderful to enter, feel the heat and humidity, see all the beautiful green plants, lovely flowers and dream of what all those seeds are going to look like when they come up. I did resist buying potted plants though! Coming home I noticed that the skate park was being well used and likely will continue to be so if the weather stays nice. There were a lot of kids there so I am not sure it would be classed as “social isolation”. I see where the ski hills are closed. I wonder about that too because they are out in the fresh air and not in great bunches. Lots of trails and preserves to ski, if that’s your desire! Sadly it was decided to cancel church services this morning and for the next few weeks, at least. Many other churches made the same decision and some will be online for viewing, in the coming weeks. Carol O’Neil, who was to lead out service today sent her whole service, including her message, to us and it was distributed to all the congregation. This will occur next week as well. As for what happens on March 29th we will have to wait. This was to be our Communion Service followed by our Annual Congregational meeting and joint Congregational meeting. Our St. Patrick’s Day Potluck Supper has been cancelled. I hope everyone planning on coming got the message.

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