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Some like it hot! Some do not! Which one are you? We have certainly had some good old-fashioned summer heat this past week and more. Great for many people with pools and cottages, but for many it is just too much, especially when there has been no rainfall. It’s a constant watering duty which I do for my flowers and vegetables but with the size of my lawn, no way can I can water it. It always comes back! Rain has been forecast almost every day but never materialized! For farmers the first crop of hay was good, from what I have seen and heard, but I hope that the second does not get burned up. The corn still seems to be growing well so far. It was nice to see Brooks Farm on the front page of the newspaper business section last week and a bit about their activities. Hopefully, it is a boost for their business although there are still many restrictions on all types of interactions, whether in stores, parks, etc. Some people still don’t seem to get it as illustrated by the numbers that invaded parks last weekend! Dianne Bennett was very happy to have a tree replanted at Zephyr Park, in memory of her late husband Chuck, with a plaque. The first tree had been run over. I never met Chuck, but I understand he was a long-standing volunteer for many community activities. Our sympathies go out this week to Ruth Baker and her family in the sudden passing of her husband, Stephen Daniel McCabe, on Saturday, June 27th. Ruth has been our musician at both Sandford and Zephyr United Churches for sometime and Steve usually accompanied her. Her granddaughters have also entertained us numerous times. Our deepest condolences to all of them! There were a number of birthdays again this week, some being marked by small celebrations. Derek Tindall turned 40, sort of in the middle of the ages. June Holmes Archibald turned 81, but this lady never seems to tire and is forever involved in some community activity. My lifelong friend, Corinne Croxall, turned 95 and is still a going concern, other than having a problem with her eyesight. She is still involved in Trinity events and the Bethesda Reach Womens Institute, which she has shepherded along probably since it was formed. Gary LeDrew has not lived in Uxbridge for many years but I am sure he is well known, as was his mother Celia and father Harold. Gary has a few health problems but still is painting and before the pandemic had opened an art gallery to sell those and other artists’ work. Gary turned 78. Bonnie Blackstock is one of the three talented daughters of Bob and Mary Blackstock. I recall several times hearing the three sisters singing together with their grandmother Mary at the piano. Mary senior was the organist at Zephyr United Church for countless years! Sister Erin is the one making music these days. Gayle Acton Cordingley celebrated a birthday this week. If I recall correctly, husband Ron will have one in a few days too. Rachel Smalley, one of Stan and Amy’s talented and beautiful daughters also had a birthday. With so many in the family, they always have something to celebrate! On Friday, The Epsom Girls met in the yard of Pat Bailey who was celebrating her 75th birthday. It was a special day under the tree in her spacious yard. Her granddaughter and friends had installed 75 bright pink flamingos on the lawn, with a sign to honk, and many did just that. Pat worked as a teller at TD bank for many years. Nice to see son Troy drop by for a few minutes as well! The theme for the June 28th sermons by both Reverends, Diane Bennett-Jones and Carol O’Neill, was the importance of welcoming everyone into our churches, strangers or not. This week it centered around the passage about feeding and clothing others, something that has been brought to the fore during this pandemic, where we have seen many assisting seniors, making masks etc. Thanks again to these ladies for keeping us in mind.

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