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Zephyr library reopening for curbside service only

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: The Zephyr library has not opened yet, but residents can expect them to reopen on Thursday, November 26th.

Program and Outreach Coordinator, Corrinne Morrison explained they will be open from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. for curbside service only from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

While the library was closed, people who frequented the Zephyr library had to visit the Uxbridge Public Library to get books. With the reopening of the Zephyr library, it’ll be easier for local people.

“I think the community is going to be really excited about it,” she said, regarding the library reopening.

During the curbside service time, a staff member will be stationed inside the library. One person at a time will be allowed inside the alcove to get the books they ordered.

A desk will be set up between the alcove and library itself, preventing customers from entering the building. Plexiglass will be installed in front of the desk to protect the staff members.

Customers and staff members will be required to wear masks at all times and follow social distancing precautions.

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