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World Scout Jamboree brings Welsh Scouts to Port Perry

Port Perry was host to some special visitors from August 5th to August 8th. A large number of Scouts came to visit Port Perry after the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia that was held from July 22nd to August 2nd.

The 1st Port Perry Scouts were the hosts of the Welsh scouts during their stay. The scout stayed in the scout hall while they did some exploring around the area. The scouts went canoeing on Lake Scugog, they went to the Scugog Shores Museum, a classic car show. On their last day, the scouts took the GO train into Toronto for the day. “Lake Ontario must be the size of Wales,” said one of the scouts. These were just some of the events the scouts did during their stay, “every minute was filled with something!” said one of the Welsh scouts.

On their last night in Port Perry, and in Canada, the scouts had a farewell campfire with some of the 1st Port Perry Scouts in Attendance. “Canada was so welcoming, it felt like home,” said one of the Welsh Scouts.

Once the campfire was over on Wednesday, August 7th, the scouts were very eager to talk all of their experiences on this trip. “This was an amazing experience; it was even better getting to do this with our friends!” said Bethan, one of the scouts visiting from Wales.

After their three-week trip, the Welsh scouts will be returning home with many memories and a newfound love for Canada. Rhydian, one of the scouts visiting from Wales said, “the whole town [Port Perry] was just so welcoming to us, there were Welsh flags everywhere and everyone knew who we were! I could definitely see myself moving to Canada and to Port Perry one day!”

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