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Our heroes

Dear Diary

Every day, I try to find things to be thankful for, through my life I have learned that you should not take anything for granted, all of this, of course, involves telling people how you feel about them.

I especially believe that when people do things for us, we need to make sure we thank them and make sure that they know their efforts do not go unnoticed, and also that they do feel appreciated.

I try to do this as much as possible when my friends and family do things for me, but even when strangers to me do things to help me out, I still want to make them feel the same way.

This week, I want to honour Scugog’s Volunteer Fire Department. These volunteers are real-life heroes! Now, let me explain why I feel so strongly about this.

On Wednesday, August 7th, I was driving south on Simcoe Street going through the 7A intersection. I looked east and saw a billow of smoke. Being the journalist that I am, I turned around and headed for the scene. What I discovered was a car on fire!

This is where I am going to commend our fire department. Our firefighters got to the scene very quickly and also got to work in a timely manner. They operated with expertise and what I thought was an air of calmness despite the urgency of the situation.

But my appreciation for our firefighters goes deeper than just doing a good and quick job. Our volunteer firefighters also have to make sacrifices. When they are on duty, they have to be ready at the drop of a hat if a call comes, they basically have to drop everything and get to the fire station as quickly as possible!

It is my firm belief that our volunteer firefighters put their lives on hold, so they save ours. For that, we owe them a lot of thanks and gratitude.

Lastly, to our firefighters, our heroes, I want to thank you for everything you do for us, for the sacrifices you make and the hard work you do to help us. You will forever inspire me and make me feel so grateful. Sometimes, I’m sure you feel like you are doing a thankless job, but you aren’t. Your work does not go unnoticed, at least not by me. Thank you!

Yours truly

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