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My experiment

Dear Diary

My column this week is taking a different turn from my usual musings. This week, I will discuss a social experiment that I have been conducting over the past few weeks.

It all started on Canada Day, I wore my Montreal Canadiens t-shirt, when taking in the festivities, in Palmer Park. When I was walking through the park with my dad, I received several mixed comments about my shirt. It then struck me with a brilliant idea!

I made up my own little social experiment. I decided that I would alternate wearing my Montreal Canadiens shirt and my John Tavares Toronto Maple Leafs shirt. My plan was to gauge and record people’s reactions to each team and then make my conclusion about which team is most popular in Port Perry.

In order for my experiment to be accurate I gave both shirts an equal amount of exposure. I was also careful not to be biased and tell people which team I like better.

As someone who loves psychology and anything related, I found this experiment very fun, interesting and surprising.

At the beginning of this experiment, I figured that the Maple Leafs would be more popular, just because geographically Toronto is much closer to Port Perry, but it turns out they proved me wrong.

Most of the time I was wearing the two shirts walking along the street downtown or in grocery stores, and these are my findings:

  1. When wearing the Maple Leafs shirt not much happened, I noticed a few glances from people passing me but no comments or anything, everyone seemed to be indifferent.

  2. When wearing the Canadiens shirt, I received much more attention. I received mixed comments, some asking where I got a shirt like that, and then most people saying they cheer for Montreal.

After I reviewed the results I that I got, I decided that Montreal is the clear winner in Port Perry, the Canadiens shirt definitely got more attention. I am not sure why Montreal seemed to be the favourite, but I can’t deny that I am quite happy about that!

Go Habs go!

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