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Weight restriction season on regional roads beginning March 1st

DURHAM: The Regional Municipality of Durham and local area municipalities restrict the operation of motor vehicles on designated roads during the spring weight restriction season, as per the Highway Traffic Act and Regional By-law 26-2018. This affects vehicles that are heavier than 5,000 kilograms or five tonnes per axle.

These restrictions will be in effect from March 1st to April 30th. The actual final day may be adjusted following periodic reviews of road and weather conditions at the end of weight restriction season.

Signs will be erected on all regional roads where these weight restrictions apply. Please refer to the for more information.

Weight restrictions are needed to prevent damage to roads. In the spring, frozen roads start to thaw making the pavement on some roads temporarily lose strength and become unable to support vehicles heavier than 5,000 kilograms or five tonnes per axle.

Most public utility and emergency vehicles are exempt from the weight restrictions. For more information, visit

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