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Wagg Funeral Home

FEATURE: Serving our community for 156+ years

The Wagg Funeral Home building has been in Port Perry for 171 years. It initially started out as a furniture store when purchased by John W. Davis in 1846. The furniture store served Port Perry for over 55 years. John also served as the towns undertaker, when he originally bought the building.

In 1901 the Davis family sold the furniture store to William Henry Letcher who turned the building into a funeral home. William eventually passed on the business to his son Merle Letcher. After the death of Merle’s father, he sold the business to Archie McDermott in 1934. Archie had a chapel added in 1951 along with a casket room. Four years later Archie became business partners with Art Panabaker. Five years after the partnership was made, Archie’s son, Grant McDermott bought his father’s share of the business.

In 1981 Harold Wagg, purchased the business from Art and Grant. He ran the funeral home for 9 years and retired in 1990. The funeral home was then sold to Myles O’Riordan who had grown up in Aurora, Ontario and worked in Richmond Hill, as well as Toronto.

After purchasing the funeral home, he moved to Port Perry and has resided here ever since.

Wagg Funeral Home currently offers funeral planning, legal advice, merchandise, concierge services, obituary tributes, and 3D crystal tributes – relief portraits of loved ones carved, reverse relief style, in a medium of acrylic crystal, illuminated by LED lighting.

The location of the funeral home is 216 Queen Street, Port Perry.

To make an arrangement or find out more about their services call 905-985-2171, or visit their website at

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