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Uxbridge looks at design alternatives for downtown sidewalk

UXBRIDGE: As part of the ongoing culvert replacement project in downtown Uxbridge, the township will move forward with a design plan to make businesses more accessible.

At their meeting on the morning of Monday, July 15th, councillors voted to proceed with a design for eliminating the step in front of businesses on the south side of Brock St. in the culvert construction area, which may include changing the grade of the sidewalk.

“This is the first step in getting some of those businesses on the south side of Brock Street accessible to their front door,” explained Public Works Director Ben Kester. 

Mayor Dave Barton added that these changes grew out of a meeting with the town’s accessibility committee more than a year ago.

“We have an opportunity to do this from an elevation standpoint and make the sidewalks as close to their level as possible.”

Mayor Barton noted that in his research, success in this type of project came when “another municipality spent a few extra dollars and extended doorways to the sidewalk.”

Ward 3 Councillor Bruce Garrod opined that the municipality should be “encouraging landlords to do these necessary renovations.”

Mr. Kester explained to councillors that the cost of the design would be approximately $10,000 to $15,000, with a total of $60,000 budgeted for this project. He added that he will offer a subsequent report to council, which will include a full cost estimate.

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