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Uxbridge explores options for town square project


UXBRIDGE: In an ambitious move to revitalize the heart of downtown, Uxbridge officials recently voted to move forward with the creation of a vibrant new town square.

The project has been talked about for more than a decade, with the aim to transform a currently underutilized area into a bustling hub of community activity, complete with green spaces, cultural amenities, and gathering places for residents and visitors alike.

A report from tourism coordinator Katlyn Jones and director of community services Amanda Ferraro included in the agenda for council’s meeting on Monday, March 25th outlined the details of the My Main Street Community Activator, which could provide the project with as much as $250,000 should Uxbridge’s grant application be approved.

The proposed town square, slated to be located in the centre of downtown in the parkette and parking lot next to the previous Coffee Time location, promises to be a focal point for civic life in Uxbridge. Plans include the installation of landscaped gardens, pedestrian walkways, and seating areas, providing a welcoming environment for relaxation and socializing.

In addition to enhancing the town's aesthetic appeal, the project is expected to have significant economic benefits for Uxbridge. A revitalized town square is likely to attract new businesses and tourism opportunities, boosting local commerce and stimulating economic growth.

According to the staff report, if successful, the grant could fund crucial parts of the town square project including “accessible tables, Muskoka chairs configured to promote conversation, patio lighting and planters / barricades and security cameras to create a safe space, bike racks, portable art murals, wayfinding signage to promote trails and historic locations in Uxbridge, an activity hub with equipment geared towards children and open space for programming.”

Ward 4 Councillor and Deputy Mayor Willie Popp endorsed the idea. “I do love this approach, to try and grab this grant to continue to promote downtown as a destination,” commented Councillor Popp. “There are so many committees which are mentioned here this is a good [way to] reinforce the great things which are happening downtown.”

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