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Two local MPs react to Parks Canada’s decision to scrap bridge

ANDREW HODSON, Executive Assistant to MP Jamie Schmale

KAWARTHA LAKES: Two local Members of Parliament, Jamie Schmale (Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock) and Adam Chambers (Simcoe North) are outraged over Parks Canada’s decision not to replace the Boundary Road Swing Bridge, in Bolsover.

“It’s been nearly three years since the bridge was shut down, effectively cutting the community in half, and now, news there will be no bridge replacement, has, understandably, left residents angry and confused,” said MP Jamie Schmale.

Adam Chambers echoed those sentiments. “In its own documents, Parks Canada agreed the bridge, originally built in 1902, is a cultural (heritage) resource, of national historical significance, and is an intrinsic part of the heritage landscape,” said Mr. Chambers. “In fact, before it was demolished in 2020, the bridge was one of five original Simcoe-to-Balsam Lake structures constructed on the Trent Severn Waterway in a similar fashion.”

Residents of Bolsover are now being forced to take an alternate, and for many, a highly, inconvenient crossing, to get to work or buy food. More importantly, concerns regarding emergency services response times have been raised. The announcement by Parks Canada will put peoples lives at undue risk.

MP Schmale added, “I find it reprehensible, the Minister has no problem gifting millions to bolster infrastructure projects in communist China, while ignoring the pleas of rural Canadians. The Liberal government just doesn’t care about rural communities and the way of life for rural Canadians. Taxing agriculture, confiscating hunting rifles, making it unaffordable to drive to work, urban elite Liberals just don’t get it. They happily waste $834,000 for three guys from the United States and New Zealand to cull 81 deer using a helicopter, or $11 million on a commission which did nothing. The list of wasteful spending goes on and on.”

MP Schmale added further, he has communicated with the Minister on his complete lack of empathy and urgency, on behalf of the constituents of Bolsover, and has spoken on it in the House of Commons a number of times and has yet to receive an answer from the Minister. Last year, MP Chambers and MP Schmale co-authored a letter to Minister Guilbeault, imploring him to respond to residents’ concerns.

“We have expressed to the Minister, as elected officials, our service to our constituents is our highest priority and it is incumbent upon us to respond, in a timely manner, to the legitimate concerns of Canadians. Unfortunately, Minister Guilbeault just doesn’t get it. It’s time for this out-of-touch, tired and completely unresponsive government to go,” said MP Chambers.

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