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Timeline to cleanup Scugog after storm expected to take weeks

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

SCUGOG: Cleanup efforts by the Township of Scugog, following the windstorm over the May long weekend, are expected to take weeks to be completed.

“Public Works crews are continuing their efforts to clean up tree debris fallen from the derecho storm and possible tornadoes which occurred on the May long weekend. A lot of efforts have been put into the hardest-hit areas in Caesarea and Nestleton,” Carol Coleman, Scugog’s Director of Public Works and Infrastructure Services, told councillors, at a meeting on Monday, June 6th.

To emphasize the amount of work which has gone into this cleanup so far, Ms. Coleman noted, “last Friday alone, we removed 30 loads of fallen tree debris from Caesarea” but added, “unfortunately, we have a long way to go there to clean up all of the debris.”

However, Ms. Coleman said Township staff will need to “direct the majority of our efforts back to our normal operations, so we don’t fall too far behind.”

“But we will be continuing to pick up tree debris in the future weeks,” she stressed.

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