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The Gardeners Workout

Movement for life by Lauren Walker All Fit/All Ages Gym

If you want a workout involving lifting, squatting, pushing, pulling, bending, and throwing, I suggest you look out your window. As I was crawling around on the grass picking weeds, it occurred to me how much of a workout gardening really is!

When you’re outside, you’re not lifting consistent weight for a specific amount of sets and reps. You’re at it most of the day, which makes it a challenge. If you’re not used to training that way, then get ready for some sore muscles.

  1. Use the wheelbarrow: I’ve had to move mulch, cement, stone, dirt etc. Challenge your legs and abdominals by moving any number of things in a wheelbarrow. But, next time, what grip and body posture??

  2. Raking: Raking requires the upper body and abdominals. Do this for an hour or two and you’ll find it challenging. Abdominals are endurance muscles, so put them to the test! But, next time, are there any signs your going to far to look out for?

  3. Moving stone: If you own a property on the lake, after the ice melts, it can push the shoreline. So, we have to fix it! As well, in our case, we have many large patio stones which have to be moved. This requires squatting and lifting. But, next time, what positions and safety tips are there for this. Give use specific details.

  4. Picking weeds: Grab a handheld weed remover. You’ll find plenty of weeds which means plenty of opportunities to squat. I also use this opportunity to crawl on the ground to find weeds. It is a great way to improve hip and shoulder strength. It also has improved my neck strength.

  5. Mowing the lawn: It usually takes me about two hours. In that two hours, I did over 5000 steps! Not to mention the toning workout on the under part of the upper arm. These are just examples of what I do in the course of my day. If you try some of them or all, they will challenge your strength and endurance. If you’re up for the challenge, then get out there and get your hands dirty!

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