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Springtide Music Festival coming back to Uxbridge in June


UXBRIDGE: Over the past seven years, the Springtide Music Festival has become one of the community's highlights of the summer arts season.

Organizer, Tania Senior appeared before the council, at their meeting, on the morning of Monday, February 26th, to provide a report on the festival's success to date and a look forward to what's in store for local music fans this year and beyond.

Ms. Senior noted, this year's festival is slated to be held throughout Uxbridge, from Thursday, June 6th to Saturday, June 8th.

"The second weekend in June is a continuous goalpost for our annual festival," added Ms. Senior. "We had a lot of great things happening last year. The most important thing is, we saw a 158 percent lift in total traffic over the weekend, with an average distance to attend of approximately 31.5 kilometres away."

The boost in tourism traffic led to a request the township's tourism trailer be included in the event. Other requests included: Springtide be declared a significant event for the municipality; a sign by-law exemption for marketing materials; and a partial road closure, near the intersection of Victoria Street and Brock Street, near the Second Wedge Brewery.

Ms. Senior added, this year's festival is returning to a Thursday-to-Saturday affair. The Thursday night features the standalone kickoff event, at the Music Hall, with a performance by Juno Award nominees the Good Lovelies. Events on Friday and Saturday will be held at various locations around Uxbridge.

Council unanimously approved the requests, following a motion from Ward 3 Councillor Zed Pickering.

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The return of the Springtide Music Festival to Uxbridge in June is undoubtedly exciting news for both local residents and music enthusiasts. This event provides a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy live music performances while supporting local artists and businesses. The festival's revival signals a hopeful return to normalcy and the resumption of cherished traditions after a period of uncertainty and disruption. It's likely to be eagerly anticipated by many, offering a chance to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and the rejuvenation of cultural events in the area. Start earning on spotify today.


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