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Spring Native Plant Sale Opens for a Limited Time

KAWARTHA LAKES: For a brief window this spring, Kawartha Conservation is thrilled to announce the return of our much-anticipated Native Plant Sale, now featuring an exciting lineup of low-cost native plant kits designed to invigorate any garden. Available only while supplies last, this year's sale introduces gardeners to nearly 40 unique native species, perfectly suited to an array of garden environments and eager to transform your outdoor spaces.

"Transform your garden effortlessly with our curated kits," exclaimed Ola Pasternak, from Landowner and Community Support. "We've packaged our native plants into convenient kits tailored for various environments and garden sizes, making green thumbs out of all of us."

In an exciting twist for 2024, gardeners can choose from five exclusive new kits: the Pollinator Friendly kit, to beckon bees and butterflies; the Understory kit, perfect for those shaded garden spots; the Shoreline Stabilizer kit, designed to protect your water's edge; the Rain Garden kit, for those looking to manage rainwater beautifully; and the Spring Bloomer kit, guaranteed to bring early color to your garden.

"Adopting native plants in your garden is not just a choice, it's a contribution to the ecosystem," noted Pasternak, highlighting the benefits. "Native plants are in tune with our climate and soil, requiring less upkeep, and they're magnets for pollinators and wildlife, enhancing biodiversity right in your backyard."

This year's Sun Loving and Shade Loving kits feature favourites like black-eyed susan, blue lobelia, sweet ox-eye, and wild bergamot. Whether your garden basks in sunlight or enjoys the cool of the shade, there's something special waiting for you.

Secure your plants by ordering through our online form,, and plan for a May pickup at Ken Reid Conservation Area. Remember, with demand soaring and supplies finite, it's a race against time to snag these botanical beauties.

Don't let this fleeting opportunity pass you by. Dive into the world of native gardening today and see the difference for yourself. For more details on the 2024 Native Plant Sale, planting advice, or species specifics, reach out to Ola Pasternak by calling 705-328-2271 ext. 241.

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