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Senior moments or senior living gracefully?

Updated: Jun 15

by Tina Y. Gerber - McCurley

With my birthday arriving in September, I will be 66 years young. Who wants to admit that? To me, it sounds so old. I told my husband I would like to remain 65 forever. No more birthdays!

I suppose, from 65 on, life becomes more about the living of it. For example, you can spend much of those hard earned savings, to spoil yourself a bit. Just ensure you don't go into debt. For most of us, we've taken care of our children and/or our parents for many years. We've provided them shelter, education and support, so there's no need to feel bad about spending a little money on yourself.

As people get older they reminisce, so they can start repeating the same stories over and over and that's okay, just listen. If they desire it, you can offer a senior a hand, encouraging them on this latter stretch of road. If their health will allow, maybe they could have the bigger piece of cake once and a while.

Life has great memories, but living in the present moment is the best. So my goal has become to enjoy what time we have and what we've shared together, as one day things will change!

Time with grandchildren is very important, in order to build great memories, allowing them to enjoy this part of their lives together.

I suppose, my knee replacement any day, could be stimulating me to try to understand life and myself better. My husband wasn't too happy when I organized our wills and finances, just in case something were to happen. Still, we can't stress over the little things because this can magnify the feeling making things seem like an enormous burden.

I attempt to be a blessing to others, my children and grandchildren, yet, I struggle daily, with following God's Word. So, what does this mean? Give advice when asked, and try to dial back criticism, respecting the younger generation. We need to remember our opinions were not fully informed when we were young, and we got there. So we should respect their developing opinions, and encourage the process. This doesn't mean you need to be dictated to by their beliefs or values but perhaps, yours will rub off, in the warm interaction.

It's your life unfolding, so don't abandon your hobbies or the things you enjoy the most. Although life is an adventure, it isn't really about physical places, it's about our perspective and openness in new experiences. The important thing is to get out of the house a little more and change your routine, with your spouse or alone. You can travel, read, join a bible study group, cook, dance, complete word puzzles, golf, go to museums or have a picnic. It is easy to get sick in this day and age, and sometimes it's hard to remain active, positive and keep up with your physical needs. To keep a healthy life, we need to exercise, eat well, get lots of sleep, visit our doctor and stay informed.

I understand pain and discomfort go hand in hand but when we age we can accept things as they happen and make the best of the time we have left. Get off the couch, and explore the unknown, the best adventures often come from the simplest starts. By taking the first step, you are setting your adventures in motion and everything will fall into place. Laugh, Love and Live the life God has given you.

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