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SEAGRAVE by Barb Martyn

Listening is a skill difficult to achieve, it takes patience and practice. To truly listen to someone, and to absorb what is being said, without being judgmental has become a lost art. We too often cut off conversation, because we think our information is more important than theirs. Today, with technology, everything is abbreviated and brief messages are left on machines. If we all took the time to listen, were slow to speak and slow to become angry, we could change someone’s life. Happy birthday wishes to Donna Sweetman on September 2nd. Happy anniversary wishes to Tara and Terry Taylor celebrating their 29th anniversary, on September 7th. A huge thank you to Isabelle Strong-Vernon, a former resident of Seagrave, who made 400 children’s masks and donated them to the Seagrave Church. What great timing for the children returning to school! They are being shared by Seagrave and Greenbank Churches and are available at both outdoor food banks, free of charge. Another kind person took on the task of finding another tent, to replace the Seagrave outdoor food bank tent that was damaged in last week’s storm, and replaced the soggy cardboard boxes with plastic totes. The storm also fell a large old tree in Wilf Yorke’s yard, falling across the entire road into someone else’s yard. Thankfully, no one was injured, and there was no property damage. The next morning, Wilf’s neighbours had cut up the tree, cleaned up the debris and took away all the wood. Kindness and caring prevails. Wonderful News! Minister Stephanie has received notification that the regional council has approved her celebration of ministry ordination service on September 19th, at Cannifton, Ontario. The service will be live-streamed and you will be able to view it from your homes. Details to follow. August 30th was the 13th Sunday after Pentecost. The scripture reading was Exodus 3:1-15, about Moses and the Burning Bush. God speaks to us in different ways. If you take time, sit silently, and listen in the quietness of your surroundings you will find answers within your heart. Several men sang, Just a Closer Walk With Thee, in acapella during the virtual service, which was delightful listening. You can watch the virtual services on website or on YouTube. If you wish a personal prayer, grocery or medication pick up contact Minister Stephanie at, text or call 905-718-8086. If you wish to support the Seagrave Church, cheques can be mailed to Carol Coleman at 151 River Street, Seagrave, Ontario L0C 1G0. For further options contact Carol at 905-243-4628. September 7th is Labour Day and a long week-end. Keep safe. If you have news for this column contact Jean at 905-985-9921 or email

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