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Scugog welcomes new and returning council members at the inaugural meeting

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

SCUGOG: In front of friends, family and community members, the acclaimed and elected Scugog council members were sworn into office, on Monday, November 21st.

The inaugural council meeting, for this term of office, was held at the Scugog Community Recreation Centre. The event opened with Town Crier Bill McKee addressing the crowd with a unique cry about the election results, as well as singing the National Anthem.

Then Durham Regional Chair, John Henry was given an opportunity to address the audience and the new council members.

“Members of council, to you, I say, I want to continue in [the] work of cooperation [between the Region and the Township]. I know for the Mayor and your Regional Councillor, the next couple of days after today will be very busy at [Regional council]. We live in the greatest Region in all of Canada,” Mr. Henry said.

Scugog CAO, Ken Nix stressed the importance of service to the community. “It is a tough job. I think at the heart of it, deep down, for virtually everybody who runs for council, it is the desire to serve and give back to your community, and for that, I appreciate it as a resident. I think it’s wonderful, council puts themselves out there to deal with the issues and the opportunities [which] face the residents of Scugog.”

Mayor Wilma Wotten was the first member to take her oath of allegiance and to sign the declaration of office, before being handed the mayoral chains by the previous Mayor, Bobbie Drew.

“12 years ago, I stood before you, a nervous and somewhat shy new Ward 4 Councillor. Today, I am absolutely thrilled to stand before you as your Mayor,” Scugog’s new Mayor shared.

Mayor Wotten mentioned waterfront action plan projects, improving communications between the Township and residents, and advocating for long-term care expansion, as well as, for more affordable housing as some of the priorities for this term of council.

“I believe in giving back and will continue to do so,” Mayor Wotten declared.

Other members sworn into office included: Regional Councillor Ian McDougall, Ward 1 Councillor David LeRoy, Ward 2 Councillor Janna Guido, Ward 3 Councillor Robert Rock, Ward 4 Councillor Harold Wright and Ward 5 Councillor Terry Coyne.

Councillor McDougall alluded to one of the issues the Township will have to face going forward. “In Scugog, right now, there are not a lot of options as to where people will move when they leave their single-family homes.”

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