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Scugog councillors introduced to MG Society of Canada

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Scugog Township councillors were introduced to an organization which is raising awareness of a chronic neuromuscular disease.

At a meeting on Monday, January 15th, Manley Lavender made a deputation to councillors regarding the Myasthenia Gravis (MG) Society of Canada.

According to the organization’s website the disease “is a chronic neuromuscular disease that produces weakness,” and “is characterized by abnormal weakness of voluntary muscles.”

“It is a rare autoimmune disorder. What we call a muscle disease and it impacts pretty much every muscle in your body,” Mr. Lavender said. “There was a time I had a hard time just getting around in my house.”

Mr. Lavender also spoke about how the disease has an impact on the Scugog business community.

“There was a study released by Muscular Dystrophy Canada last year and approximately $1 million is the impact on the economy in Canada just with MG,” he explained. “I’m no longer working full time. I’m no longer doing my regular commute.”

He stated it would be hard for any resident to identify someone who has the disease.

“We don’t look like we have a disease. We look normal but our functionality is not normal. Some of us are in wheelchairs. Some of us [use] walkers, [or] canes and we just look like we’re tired.”

Mayor Wilma Wotten questioned if Mr. Lavender had any plans to raise awareness in the community.

“My plan is to walk as many trails in North Durham as I can in 2024 to raise awareness and to raise funds which we can then put towards research and development of MG awareness,” he responded.

While he noted February as the month which would be preferable for him to start his goal, no firm date or information was given on the potential fundraiser.

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