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Rising to the Challenge: Saving Lives

Dr. Carlye Jensen & Dr. Jennifer Wilson, Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Special to The Standard

UXBRIDGE: This crisis is revealing the essence of our identity as a community. You are not just concerned about our closest family and friends. You care about each person and each family and are doing your part for humankind. You are rising to the challenge that remains the same as when we started: to save lives. Saving lives by flattening the curve: As of today, our local curve looks good. According to Durham Region Public Health, Uxbridge has ten. COVID-19 cases. We have been encouraged by this low number and by the efforts of each of you to wash your hands, stop touching your face, wear cloth masks outside, self-isolate when sick, and practice physical distancing. You are making a difference. Please hold the line and do not waver now. Saving lives by protecting our most vulnerable: The leaders and staff of our seniors’ facilities are doing everything in their power to keep our seniors safe. Our community has made and distributed over 790 cloth masks for our seniors and other vulnerable groups to use. You are finding creative and safe ways to stay in touch with and encourage those who are at the highest risk. Saving lives by getting ready: The Township of Uxbridge and local physicians have spent the last three weeks working with a special emergency task force of our own community members to plan for a temporary field hospital for Uxbridge. This facility would be made operational only if needed. Preparing for this has been a true community effort, and we all have been deeply moved by and grateful for the response of this community to volunteer to serve if needed; make masks for seniors and volunteers; and donate personal protective equipment (PPE). Rising to the Challenge: Protecting Your Health: Just because we are in the midst of a pandemic, you should not neglect your health needs out of fear of visiting a clinic or hospital. Heart attacks need to be treated. Appendicitis needs to be operated on. Broken bones need to be set. Allergic reactions are an emergency. If you are wondering what to do, ask yourself: “If I had this symptom a year ago, what would I have done?” If the answer then was, “call 911,” then the answer today is still “call 911.” Don’t let fear of COVID-19 get in the way of your health. Thank you, Uxbridge, for caring enough about one another to rise to our collective challenge. Staying home is not an easy thing to do, but be encouraged that it is working. On behalf of all of us on the frontlines, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing your part to defend our community and save lives. And thanks for the rocks outside our ER. Dr. Carlye Jensen is the Chief of Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Dr. Jennifer Wilson is the President of Uxbridge Health Centre

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