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Region asks Port Perry residents, businesses to lower use of excess cleaning products

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

SCUGOG: The Region of Durham is asking for Port Perry residents and local business owners to reduce their use of “excess cleaning products.”

On Tuesday, January 5th, Durham Region sent out a press release stating they have “been experiencing excessive foaming in the wastewater collection system in Port Perry, due to the increased use of cleaning products containing high levels of phosphorus and/or nitrogen.”

The Region described how this impacts the regular wastewater treatment business.

“Foaming and nutrient levels interfere with the operation and compliance of the wastewater treatment process. Extra cleaning during the pandemic is understandable and necessary, however Port Perry residents and businesses are asked to use low foaming, phosphate-free cleaning products and ensure they are using proper dilution rates as specified by the product’s manufacturer,” the press release explained.

Residents can make sure they are using the right products by looking at the labels and checking to see if the product is low foaming and/or phosphate free.

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