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Public Information Centre Sunderland water system

AMANDA HOBIN, Communications Advisor, The Regional Municipality of Durham

DURHAM: The Regional Municipality of Durham is holding a virtual Public Information Centre (PIC) to provide an update on the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) and get resident input on the proposed solutions for water system capacity expansion in the Township of Brock’s Sunderland community.

The virtual PIC will be available online at from September 27th to October 27th.

Public consultation is an important part of this project. The PIC has been planned to provide information about the project, the results of the activities completed to date, the recommendations made for Sunderland’s water system and to obtain feedback. The PIC will include: An overview of the Class EA process and project status to date:

A summary of the current water system and the upgrades that are required to maintain the system now and in the future, A discussion of the options available to address water supply and storage needs. Proposed recommendations for Sunderland’s water system and the Next steps for the project.

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