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PONTYPOOL by Coralee MacDonald

On Monday, January 24th, Young’s Aggregated Inc lost a building due to a fire. Five Fire Stations were called to help. Thank you to all the volunteers for their hard work containing the fire to one area and putting it out. I’m sure they had a busy night with other calls because of the snowstorm the same night. Thank you for all you do, firefighters.

A reminder that areas in Pontypool now have a new reduced speed limit of 40 km/hr. Please be aware of this new speed limit.

Let’s hope we get some nicer weather where it’s not so cold to enjoy some nice walks in the Pontypool forest, skating on the pond and tobogganing on the big hill at the end of John and Telecom roads, near the forest. So nice to see people out enjoying our community skating, walking and tobogganing.

Remember to help support our local businesses and Shop local.

Stay safe and healthy.

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