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HELEN NICOLAOU Special to The Standard

The rainy days have motivated me to take time to clean out and spruce up the tired winter planters. One way to get motivation is to visit the garden centres and see what forced spring bulbs are available, to replant the planters and add some pizzazz to the front entrance. Of course, while out and about, it's a time to also have a look at plants for texture and colour which will add further interest to an established garden.

At the April 2nd meeting, we thanked Lydia Wong for her presentation. She gave us an up close and personal view into the world of native Bees and Wasps. We now have a better understanding about: the difference and importance between the two; how native bees and wasps are beneficial while foraging on nectar/pollen sources or feasting on pests; and why we should encourage them into our gardens.

Mary Jane Pilgrim, Peterborough Master Gardener, joins us Tuesday, May 7th, at 7:30 p.m. to speak on “Successful Vegetable Gardens.” Whether you have a designated area for a vegetable garden, are thinking about how to start one, or just want to add some vegetables within a small space, her talk promises to be very informative. Mary Jane, with years of experience, will talk to us on planning and making our vegetable garden productive and beautiful.

The May 7th meeting is also the “Spring Flower Show.” It is with anticipation, we look forward to seeing entries from seasoned and novice members. With the mild winter and warm early temperatures, the spring blooms are proving to be stunning.

Assistance will be available to help with entry tags and to place your entries. Entries must be labelled and placed, between 6 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. at the latest. We encourage all members to participate, as it makes for a wonderful display and great learning experience. There will be refreshments and door prizes. Be Earth Friendly and Lug-A-Mug. Guests are always welcome.

This year, the “Annual Plant, Bake and Yard Sale” is quickly coming up, on Saturday, May 18th. The plant table is the greatest contributor to the success of this fundraiser. So, members, while working in your garden, think about potting up some small shrubs and/or perennials which can be divided for the sale. Shoppers are looking for astilbe, heuchera, echinacea, rudbeckia and groundcovers. Plants potted up early will look the best and present well. To prevent the plants going into shock, the best time to pot up plants from the garden is before the temperatures get too warm or have grown too much. We also need plants started from seeds, such as: vegetables, tomatoes, herbs and flowers. We thank members for their donations, as they are needed and greatly appreciated.

Come out on Saturday, May 18th, to the Pine Ridge Garden Club Annual Plant, Bake and Yard Sale Fundraiser, at the Nestleton Hall, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. There will be a great selection of plants, yummy baked goods and deals on yard sale items. Enter the door prizes and come early for the best selection.

To become a member visit us, at

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