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Ontario Investing in Research in Durham

DURHAM: Today, Lindsey Park, MPP for Durham, and Lorne Coe, MPP for Whitby visited Ontario Tech University to announce $140,000 in new provincial funding for local research, demonstrating the government’s commitment to making Ontario open for business and open for jobs. “Knowledge and research give our industries in the Durham Region the tools they need to be competitive and innovative, and to push the envelope when it comes to developing new products, services, and technologies for an ever-changing economy and world,” said MPP Lindsey Park. “As a government, we are investing in research and providing the support researchers need as they look to cure diseases, invent new technologies, and spur innovation.” Province-wide, Ontario is investing $41 million in 174 research projects through three separate funding programs. This grant is part of the Early Researcher Awards program, designed to help newly appointed researchers working at Ontario’s research institutions build their teams. Investments province-wide are also making sure colleges and universities have up-to-date labs and equipment and are supporting key projects in the field of genomics. “Research leads to new knowledge that can deliver advances in health care, make our businesses more competitive, and lead to new products and services, companies and jobs,” said MPP Lorne Coe. Research projects were selected for funding through a rigorous and competitive peer-review process. The research investment for Ontario Tech University will go towards a research project that aims to improve dietary behaviours and reduce cardiovascular risk through novel e-health interventions. Ontario Tech University in Oshawa has 56 undergraduate programs, 37 graduate programs, 20 college-to-university transfer programs, and faculty that engage with more than 300 industry partners to incorporate practical, hands-on learning for students. The Ontario Research Fund – Research Infrastructure program provides research institutions with funding to help support infrastructure needs, such as modern facilities and equipment. The Early Researcher Awards program helps new researchers working at publicly funded Ontario research institutions build their research teams. Through the Ontario Research Fund – Genomics Programs, the government is investing in advancing our knowledge of genomics. Genomics, the study of the building blocks of life, promises many benefits, including speeding up the discovery of new drugs

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