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Oak Ridges Hospice secures funding to complete construction

Oak Ridges Hospice secures funding to complete construction

AMY STEVENSON, Fund Development and Com-munications Coordinator, Oak Ridges Hospice of Durham

SCUGOG: With the support of the community and private and public partnerships, Oak Ridges Hospice is excited to announce, sufficient funding has been secured to enable construction to continue without any pause in the work In the spring, the hospice faced a potential shortfall of funding, due to the economic impact of COVID-19 and its effect on donations. This would have forced the hospice to put construction on hold until cash flow could be addressed. However, donors rallied to the call for help over the summer, with the result, there will be no delays in construction. The hospice is back on track to finish construction by December 2020. Construction has progressed, with the outdoor siding and stonework completed, windows and doors installed and indoor work commencing, including the start of drywall installation. Finishing construction on schedule will mean, Morgan & Sidhu House is one step closer to opening the doors and caring for residents and their families in the spring of 2021. “This is another example of the community rallying around Oak Ridges Hospice, supporting our efforts as we build a home that will provide compassion and care to our neighbours and loved ones,” said Board Chair Dr. Steve Russell. While the completion of the construction will be a huge milestone, the hospice needs to transform its bricks and mortar into a home. Resident rooms need beds and equipment, the kitchen needs appliances and the family living and dining rooms need furniture. Our community can help us make the hospice a home. You can join the community movement to build Oak Ridges Hospice; a place where people facing end-of-life can be supported in their final journey, surrounded by compassionate care. For more information or to make a donation, email or visit our website, at

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