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New options needed for skating on Elgin Pond


UXBRIDGE: Councillors appealed for creative solutions to maintain skating on Elgin Pond during the winter months. Township manager of arena and parks Bob Ferguson explained at Council’s meeting on Monday, October 7th, the several volunteers that have previously measured and maintained the ice surface on the pond will no longer be available. Mr. Ferguson provided these comments while councillors were giving their approval of the annual Cam’s Kids pond hockey tournament to take place early next year. “We may have to fund staff costs to test the pond, as currently we have no volunteers,” said Mr. Ferguson. “I just want you to be cautious in approving an event on the pond with no way to test the ice in place.” For several years, the pond has been tested for safety and cleared by a dedicated band of community volunteers. When the weather conditions were good, the pond would be bustling with activity from sunrise to the evening hours. Councillors have directed township staff to investigate a permanent solution for ice monitoring and clearing in order to facilitate the popular outdoor skating spot should there continue to be a shortfall of volunteers from the community. “Let’s set up a meeting to look at options for this. This is part of the magic of Uxbridge. We have to find a way to do this,” com-mented Mayor Dave Barton, who was confident that a solution can be worked out in time for this season.

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