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Movement for Life: The Path to Spiritual Wellness

LAUREN WALKER All Fit/All Ages Gym

“People get so wrapped up and focused on what’s happening on the outside, they forget what’s happening on the inside.” My mom was telling a client, “What is happening on the inside cannot be measured.” Our client was brought to tears. With a smile on her face, she hopped on the treadmill. We measure inches and pounds with scales. What about the things we cannot see? It’s important to acknowledge spiritual growth is just as important to our health and wellness. If you want to be physically well, you must nurture the spirit. It’s the relationship you have with your “inner” self. What makes me happy in life? What values do I believe in as a person? For example: I volunteer as a Big Sister in order to mentor children. This has been a big source of growth for me because it feeds my spirit. The numbers on a scale don’t mean much if you are not happy with yourself. The best way I can put it is, you need to spend time making yourself happy. Make choices that align with who you are. When you keep making choices based on what other people think, you are depriving your spirit. Whether it’s volunteering, singing, writing, drawing or going to the gym. You don’t even have to be good at it. It’s about doing it because it makes you happy. You won’t feel motivated when you’re too busy living someone else’s life. It’s so much easier to live life when you’re honest about who you are and what makes you happy. Your inner self is crying for attention and it’s up to you to listen. I came up with this motto a long time ago: “If who you are is too exhausting, try being yourself instead.”

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